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Director of Dental Studies;
Founder of Natural Balance Dentistry (NBD)

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Equine Dental Education Program: Testimonials

From Janice Green, Certified                                           

Janice GreenI wanted to thank you for the “certified only” class in Georgia. When I saw that you were offering this class, I knew immediately that I wanted to attend. I am glad I did! I appreciated both the classroom and barn time.

The classroom time was excellent for getting updates, sharing, learning and brainstorming among all of us there. We covered some great material. I think we all left the class with a desire to continue studying the teeth to whole horse connections. Having Brian and Donna from Photonic Health at the class was a total surprise to me. That added a different dimension to the class that turned out real well.

The barn time was perfect for getting refinement techniques and hints from “the watchful eye of Spencer” J   The help you gave me was exactly what I needed to be able to work on improving myself and come home  feeling focused and inspired. For myself, I truly enjoy working in the group setting. The feeling of teamwork is empowering.  Whether it is hearing your instruction to another practitioner, just listening to the sound of their strokes with instruments or maybe taking a few moments to watch the others; these were all learning opportunities for me, as well. I feel it was another learning opportunity to have Dr. Patty working on horses in the barn with us.

Offering this type of class is so important to keep everyone updated and on the same page, to keep the program moving forward and to keep the consistency of the quality of work among us at a level that is what you want presented with this paradigm. Again Spencer, thank you for having the class and all the help you gave me!


From Ashley Greenhill, Certified                 

Ashley GreenhillI’m so glad that I went to the continuing education class.  I always learn so much from my fellow classmates, and especially from Spencer. It feels so great to know that I am supported in my journey to provide holistic care, and that I can collaborate with colleagues in such a small field of expertise.  In a field as new as neuromuscular dentistry, it is important to keep up with the ever evolving standards.  I know that by keeping updated with the new research, I am ensuring that my clients, both equine and human, are receiving the highest quality of care and service that I can provide.

From Mary Ellen Pierce, Certified

The continuing education class held in Georgia this year was truly what I needed. To have the two days of classroom time with you and other students was very inspiring. The time we spent as a group collaborating and brain storming on new thoughts and ideas that will benefit the horse was empowering.

Then the time spent at the barn where I could work on horses and have you be able to tell by the sound of my strokes, from two stalls away, that my instrument placement was off was mind blowing! To be able to work with you, watch you work and start refining IMG_0034my own work will for sure benefit every horse I work on.

Thank you for your dedication and passion for this paradigm. Without it the horse would not be the same.



From Rick Samuels, Certified                                                                                                                                                            

Rick Samuels“I recently did a clinic and demo for a trainer where I was working. Had about 50 people show up and as I explained the differences between traditional equine dentistry and natural balance dentistry the trainer could not decide what horse he wanted done for the demo, all 30 of their horses had problems that I talked about in my clinic. I worked on 2 horses for the demo, half way thru the 2nd horse the trainer told me all his horses were done 2 months ago by the same dentist they had been using for years. Both horses made huge changes overnight and they wanted all their horses done ASAP. About a week after I left there I received a phone call from that dentist, they said that they had went to the same equine dental school that Spencer LaFlure went to and wanted to know why I took all their clients and why did I tell them that there is a difference in equine dentistry. I explained that spencer found a better way of doing dentistry that works for the horse, using no power tools, special hand instruments, and horsemanship skills that allows the horse to stand quiet and calm. I also told them if they would like to learn more about it they could come to the school or ride with me for a day. Their only comment was the education they received can’t be that wrong. Since that time I have been back to that area 3 times and have done about 70 horses, all with great results. I would also like to say thank-you Spencer for giving me the knowledge and skills to help all the horses and owners since I started this journey with you, it’s been great”.


From Elizabeth Ahrens, Certified
Elizabeth AhrensAs you know, I am not one for many words, they just never seem to come out right, but I just want to thank you so much for helping me on my journey to become what the horses need.  It is a journey that has only just begun.  It is exciting to balance the horses in a way that fits them individually and come back a year later to see how they have bloomed into an overall better being, physically & emotionally.  To see the changes and how well they maintain their balance when it is done right is awsome.

Your ever challenging us to think beyond the box and keep learning is so important to the whole.  It is amazing to see where we started and were we are going, the future is an exciting thing to think about! I look forward to the journey of ever growing & helping the horses be the best they can be.

Keep up the high standards & good work!


From Aasne M., DVM, Certified from Norway
My view on equine dentistry has changed during AWHD’s program and I am very satisfied with what I have learned.  What I really like is how we are taught the important connection between the teeth and the rest of the body.  Small details are of great importance and we learned how to perform anatomical correct adjustments of the teeth which again restores a stability not only for the bit, but also for the whole body.  I am also grateful for the positive and friendly attitude of the school; the teachers are passionate and able to convey theory and practice in an inspiring way.

Testimonials on Natural Balance Dentistry

“I decided to raise the bar and do it myself. All the while more and more was being learned about correct methods. There were many good dentists and more awful dentists and that includes my veterinary colleagues in some cases. It is difficult work at best and dangerous for all at worst. I haven’t done much in this department for several years, nor have I had anyone to recommend. The balance of the mouth and TMJ is so very important to my work, I have been very discouraged and have said many prayers about finding a solution to this dilemma. I was looking in the wrong direction. I was thinking about more and better and safer restraints, a gorilla to help my husband hold horses, or some magical new technology. From several directions at once I was led to check out this group: Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry led by Spencer LaFlure. I was blown away by the simple concepts and different paradigm I had to check it out. These techniques elevate dentistry to another planet.

~ Lauren Derock, DVM

“Spence is kinda like a magician in the horse’s mouth. He’s no different than a lot of other guys. The secret to walking on the water is knowing where all the rocks are. And Spence knows where all the rocks are at in that horse’s mouth and I think it’s great.”
~ Ronnie Willis


“I just wanted to report on the effects of the dental work you performed on my stallion. Almost immediately, I observed a difference. He was happier in vertical flexation in all gaits and his spins to the right became much easier for him. My farrier even observed that his hindquarters appear to engage better. This is an impressive result and I thank you for the time and care you took to be so thorough.”
~ Pat Parelli

“Hi Guys, Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I was able to put some of the information I picked up from you to work during this last couple clinics. We saw several horses that were having a hard time turning and/or softening, and a quick look at their incisors gave me a better understanding why. It also allowed me the opportunity to try to find a way to work with the horse within its limitations and still get close to what the rider was trying to accomplish until they could get the horse’s teeth looked at.”
~ Mark Rashid

ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!

ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!A student must present a current ID card from Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. This ID card indicates that they are approved and are in good standing with us. If they don’t have a current ID card to present to you the client, that means they are NO longer associated with us. PLEASE ASK FOR THE CARD!