(Originators of Natural Balance Dentistry)
Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry
Spencer LaFlure,
Director of Dental Studies;
Founder of Natural Balance Dentistry (NBD)

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My Dentist uses power instruments. Is this OK?

NOT AT ALL!! This type of work stops normal function of the tooth and alters the centric relation of the TMJ. The dremel runs hot and takes off too much tooth in an instant. A horse’s tooth erupts until age 25 when there is no more eruption. With too much dremel work over the years, a 15 year old might be at the end of eruption. The heat from the dremel instrument causes the tooth to become brittle like glazed pottery and more fractures might occur. The heat also stops the tooth from laying down secondary dentin which can lead to fractures. Doing dentistry with dremel instruments to get the proper bite plains and adjust the correct amount of tooth would also be like making a fine piece of furniture with a chain saw.

ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!

ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!A student must present a current ID card from Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. This ID card indicates that they are approved and are in good standing with us. If they don’t have a current ID card to present to you the client, that means they are NO longer associated with us. PLEASE ASK FOR THE CARD!