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Spencer LaFlure,
Director of Dental Studies;
Founder of Natural Balance Dentistry (NBD)

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Our NBD Method Sets Us Apart From Other Equine Dental Schools

To the folks looking for a Certified Natural Balance Dentist (NBD) in your area you need to know the following:
Spencer LaFlure is the original founder of NBD.
Center for Natural Balance Horse Dentistry (NBD) is the ONLY school that teaches this form of dentistry. We are researching every day and finding new and more advanced and PROVEN additions to our methods.
Over the years several people have attended our school, HOWEVER, many of them have NOT lived up to our standards but are still out there using our name and claiming to use our methods.
Unless your practitioner presents to you an up to date ID card, issued yearly, then they are not up to date on their education nor are they in good standing with us at NBD. Without that card they are no longer affiliated with us or our methods.`
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, ask for the ID card for a genuine NBD for your horse.
For a NBD in your area please email us at



First of all, it’s our method. We have created a new neuromuscular NATURAL BALANCE DENTISTRY™ which is a more anatomically correct and safer method of dental care for horses. When examining a horse we take the whole horse into consideration by evaluating all asymmetries, particularly the pre-maxilla and pre-mandible of the head, muscle mass and posturing of the entire body. All this is either positively or negatively affected by the alignment of the occlusal surfaces of the teeth and how that sets the Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ).

Our procedure begins, after a thorough examination of the mouth, with balancing the front teeth (incisors) FIRST, since this has the greatest point of influence on the TMJ. The incisor work is performed with extreme precision, like cutting a fine diamond, taking into account what is anatomically correct for each individual horse. A perfect incisor alignment of a domestic horse would be the length and angle of a five year old and this would never change during their entire life, (wear and eruption must be equal).

We then balance the cheek teeth, or molars, through adjustment of enamel folds inclination to increase anterior-posterior motion. We do this through maximizing the surface-to-surface contact while leaving optimal inclination, to maintain the Curve of Cameron and Curve of Spee, natural texture, and good cutting edges; multiple across the whole tooth. This is vital for the well being of the horse, not just for proper digestion, but even more importantly for a balanced body through a balanced TMJ.




Teeth are calcified nerves that must be anatomically correct in their alignment (incisor and molar bite plains as well as centric relation and centric occlusion) as their relationship is as critical to proprioception and neuromuscular range of movement of horse’s legs; as proper alignment of a USB flash drive is to a computer. This all allows for maximum horsepower and maximum body mass.

The horses have proven to us time and time again that such alterations to dynamic motion, proprioceptive neurological function, and actual muscle mass of the whole horse occurs as a result of improved anatomically correct dental alignment by addressing enamel folds to increase anterior/posterior movement.

We allow the horse to lower its head down into a relaxed position, which in turn allows the TMJ and cervical vertebrae to stay in a more natural position as well as creating the ability of the jaw moving as far forward or anterior as possible. This is critical to our concept of Natural Balance Dentistry™.


With the smallest blade size in the industry, we focus on adjustment of enamel folds of molar table surface, NOT pathology such as hooks, ramps, waves, etc. The sharp edges, ramps, and hooks are all signs the jaw is out of alignment NOT the real cause of the problem. The problem with continually removing pathology is that you reverse the natural bite plane of the molars which causes instability of the TMJ. This will in turn affect the whole horse negatively!!

Our instruments are HAND HELD and ergonomically designed to allow for greater precision of adjustment of the bite plains and increased comfort for the horse. These were tested to be less disturbing to the horse as well as fitting individual teeth and lessen the possibility of soft tissue damage.

Our goal is to provide the horse with the ultimate in dental balance that we have proven (under the guidance of our Director, Spencer LaFlure, Director of Dental Studies) actually fits the horse by returning centric relationship of the TMJ, enhancing overall movement and performance as well as developing muscle mass in the top-line. The centering of the TMJ turns on the stomatognatic system which, neurologically speaking, is 70% of any species neurology from its shoulders forward; also with a huge connection to the sacrum and the pelvis. This has been proven time and time again to us through the horse as it relates to mass, dynamic motion and neurological function of the whole horse.

We call this Natural Balance Dentistry ™.

***We are in no way affiliated with the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Glenn’s Ferry, Idaho!!**



ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!

ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!A student must present a current ID card from Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. This ID card indicates that they are approved and are in good standing with us. If they don’t have a current ID card to present to you the client, that means they are NO longer associated with us. PLEASE ASK FOR THE CARD!