Center for Natural Balance Horse Dentistry
Spencer LaFlure,
Director of Dental Studies;
Founder of Natural Balance Dentistry (NBD)

869 High Street, Athol, NY 12810

Equine Dentistry Certification Programs

Our classes are open to students of all experience levels:


LEVEL 1: Level 1 is the orientation process in which the student learns to recognize pathology in the equine mouth and to be able to balance the mouth (incisors first to the back of the mouth; in theory). Prior to Level 1 the student must study and become familiar with terminology (textbook is provided after registration and deposit). You must take and pass the Equine Anatomy on-line course prior to Level 3 through The course cost is free; the exam is an open-book test. The name of the course is “EQ-50”. Certification and a passing grade must be turned in prior to start of Level 3 and is required for certification from our program. (Veterinarians and Vet Techs are exempt)

LEVEL 2: Student will be starting to back up theory by doing physical changes.

50 hours Home Study- written 2 page paper on your findings of assessing 30 plus horses and how they relate to our paradigm

LEVEL 3: The Level 3 student will become more capable of actually being able to balance the whole mouth as well as have an understanding, in theory, of wolf teeth and cap extractions.

LEVEL 4: Level 4 is the time when students are physically able to balance the mouth and refine details.

50 Hours Home Study- Case studies of work done on 30 plus horses

LEVEL 5: Students will be able to address asymmetries of head and body, balance the mouth anatomically fitting to the whole.

LEVEL 6:   Important business aspects will be thoroughly discussed at this class. This class also enables the student to brush up on their work prior to certification.

LEVEL 7: We feel students should be ready to certify if they have the desire at Level 7. We require a notification IN WRITING two months in advance if the student would like to certify. However, we acknowledge that some students may want to come as many times as they like for continuing education only, with no desire for certification. Certification at Level 7 is done through both a written as well as a practical exam over the course of the five days of Level 7.

  • All levels are based on a passing assessment of each level by full board review of individual student.
  • ****After certification, continuing education is required every two years to maintain certification and status as a Natural Balance Dentist with AWHD.****





ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!

ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!A student must present a current ID card from Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. This ID card indicates that they are approved and are in good standing with us. If they don’t have a current ID card to present to you the client, that means they are NO longer associated with us. PLEASE ASK FOR THE CARD!