Center for Natural Balance Horse Dentistry
Spencer LaFlure,
Director of Dental Studies;
Founder of Natural Balance Dentistry (NBD)

869 High Street, Athol, NY 12810

Horse Dentistry School Curriculum

Center for Natural Balance Horse Dentistry is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and professional training program available for those interested in learning Natural Balance Dentistry™. The guiding philosophy of our dentistry school is to provide the best possible natural dental care to horses as they are a species with specific, natural needs, and must have competent, educated dental practitioners to meet these particular needs.

Center for Natural Balance Horse Dentistry’s unique course design requires comprehensive studies on all coursework, practical instruction and practical exams. The curriculum covers all major aspects of Natural Balance Dentistry™, and our goal is to offer the best training program available, producing well rounded, highly trained Practitioners.

Instrument Placement

Instrument Placement

Class Room

Class Room



Night Class

Night Class

Our horse dentistry school program has exacting standards which are necessary to educate the highly skilled and comprehensively trained professionals that the Equine Dentistry industry demands. Only those who pass all required course work, prove their competence at Natural Balance Dentistry™, and complete all required Levels, will be eligible for Certification.

Our Natural Balance Dental School Center requires continuing education (every 2 years) for those who are certified, and a program is available for those interested in pursuit of a Master Dentist achievement. The purpose of continuing education is to keep our certified students updated on current and emerging data and research findings, and assures continuing curriculum development and integrity.

No special skills or prerequisites are required to attend NBD. Just an open mind and will power. Many of our students are women because our procedure is easy to perform. Class time is from 9 to 9 with sharing three meals a day included. Each level consists of 5 days class time and 50 hours of home study. Access to instruction and extra help is 24-7; class sizes are small to ensure 2 on 1 instruction. Seven levels are required to certify. Classes are held in 2 week increments (each week is considered a level) and are held 2 times a year- spring and fall. Each level may be taken at any time class is offered. Certified instructors (who are pioneers in the field.) assist our Director and founder, Spencer LaFlure, teaching our classes based on our state of the art techniques.

We also teach our students (dentists as well as veterinarians) how to interact with each other and their clients on a professional and complementary basis.

Natural Balance Dentistry™ Concepts (beginning to advanced) are taught, based on the idea of working on incisors first with inclination adjusted over time.

  • Our students are taught better use of horse handling to keep the horse calm and working with them.
  • The horse is allowed to put its head low to the ground in a natural position during the procedure – Therefore our students learn to work while kneeling down and to follow the feel of the horse allowing the horse to be in whatever position that will make him most comfortable.

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  • Ergonomically redesigned hand-held instruments only are used. These were tested to be less disturbing to the horse as well as fitting individual teeth and lessen the possibility of soft tissue damage or compromising neurological communication of teeth and body
  • Class sizes are limited to 10 students per level
  • Group research and discussion
  • Availability of experiment with instruments prior to purchase
  • Night time seminars


Subjects taught include; anatomy, physiology, neurology, kinesiology and lots of hand on practical applications on 80 plus horses of all ages, sizes and breeds.

Special class time is spent on learning our paradigm and procedure; how the body and teeth relate and effects thereof. Testing is given, both written and practical, to determine level of student.

We keep our students abreast of all the latest research. We teach horse handling skills to make the procedure a pleasurable experience for both horse and student.

Successful business practices are also stressed as well as how to build an educated client base.

When a student becomes certified, we will give them clients to start their own business and we offer a support group of instructors, vets, farriers and fellow students to keep them going.

Students are provided with a reading/reference list of topics and books to study at home as an integral part of the education process prior to and in between attending classes. Students will be responsible for 50 hours of home study and practical application (research and working on horses and case studies) in between classes given at ranches.

When a student passes their 4th Level, they are encouraged to go OUT AND WORK on their own and also charge if they wish. They will be issued a student identification card that shows clients that they are a NATURAL BALANCE DENTIST and are in good standing with CENTER FOR NATURAL BALANCE HORSE DENTISTRY.

ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!

ID Card Information – Ask for the Card!A student must present a current ID card from Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry. This ID card indicates that they are approved and are in good standing with us. If they don’t have a current ID card to present to you the client, that means they are NO longer associated with us. PLEASE ASK FOR THE CARD!